Shane Legg

Email: shane@vetta.org

I got into research working for the WEKA machine learning project at the University of Waikato. For my MSc I moved to the University of Auckland where I worked on universal prediction algorithms and mathematical provability with the complexity theorist Prof. Cris Calude. After a number of years of commercial work I took up a PhD student position working on theoretical models of super intelligent machines with Prof. Marcus Hutter at IDSIA in Switzerland. My PhD research was published in international conferences and journals, as well as being reported in popular science magazines.

Upon the completion of my PhD thesis, I was awarded the $10,000 Canadian Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence Prize and spent a year at the Swiss Finance Institute working on models of cognitive bias in investor behaviour.  With a Swiss National Science Foundation grant I went to the Gatsby Computation Neuroscience Unit, where I studied with Prof. Peter Dayan. I now work for a machine learning startup.