Short film by Alex Roman

This short film, The Third & The Seventh, by Alex Roman, is a great example of cutting edge computer graphics.  The airy elegant style reminds me a bit of Kubrick.  I’m not sure what impressed me the most: the wonderful cinematography, the fact that it’s entirely computer generated, or that one guy did it alone in his spare time — including putting the sound track together.  Be sure to watch it full screen and in high definition.

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6 Responses to Short film by Alex Roman

  1. Roko says:

    This is relevant to the simulation hypothesis. Photorealistic rendered video today, ancestor simulations tomorrow…

  2. Aron says:

    wow. just wow.

    I’d like to see one that thematically pursued the notion ‘would you live here? seriously, would you?’. To capture more than just Thoreau’s heart, we’ll need simulated people, and to have passed further from the uncanny valley. Certainly by the end of the teenies.

  3. Kaj Sotala says:


    When I first watched it, I had serious difficulty believing that it really was full CGI. On the second watch the signs were clearer, but still, whoa.

  4. Shane Legg says:


    If you haven’t already, have a look at this short clip where you can see some of the CGI compositing broken down:

  5. Roko says:

    The man and the sky and the birds are not CGI. Alex posted this on vimeo.

    On give-away that it is CGI is that the wind turbines are turning the wrong way.

    Now here’s a practical prediction problem: when will Second Life look like that?

  6. Kaj Sotala says:

    @Shane: Interesting, thanks. I hadn’t noticed that.

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