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The Teenies

I’ve decided to christen the next decade the teenies.  Firstly, I’ve still heard no other suggestions; secondly, it’s phonetically consistent with the noughties and the twenties; and thirdly, the name is so downright awfully bad it’s almost quite good.  So the … Continue reading

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The Noughties

The start of the Noughties for me was Y2K. It was a non-event, thanks, I might add, to people like me making ourselves mentally unwell fixing endless date issues in crappy database code. Next was the massive dot com crash … Continue reading

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Ray Solomonoff

A little over a week ago I felt rather honoured to be reviewing a new submission by a living legend of artificial intelligence, Ray Solomonoff. Sadly the great man passed away just two days later, at the age of 83. … Continue reading

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Tick, tock, tick, tock… BING

Am I the only one who, upon hearing the year 2010, imagines some date far off in the future? I think I felt the same way in the weeks before 2000, so I’m sure it will pass. Anyway, another year … Continue reading

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