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Kolmogorov, Solomonoff, AIXI etc. questions

Many people seem to have questions about Kolmogorov complexity, Solomonoff induction, algorithmic probability theory, AIXI, the universal intelligence measure and so on.  I don’t always have time to watch all the email lists where these things get discussed, but if … Continue reading

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SIAI Canada Academic Prize for 2008

This morning I received the wonderful news that I’ve won the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence – Canada Academic Prize for 2008! The award is in “recognition of [my] efforts to improve AI theory” and is worth CAD $10,000.  This … Continue reading

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Roadrunner reaches a Petaflop

According to this article the Roadrunner supercomputer has now reached a Petaflop.  Although it doesn’t sound like an official benchmark result yet, given that the International Supercomputing Conference starts in a week I guess the timing of the article is … Continue reading

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