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Tokyo: A Cython BLAS wrapper for fast matrix math

Prototyping mathematical code in Python with the Scipy/Numpy libraries and then switching to Cython for speed often works well, but there are limitations. The main problem that has been bugging me recently is the speed of matrix function calls. What … Continue reading

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SciPy – some more thoughts

With over 20,000 visitors in 2 days I discovered what my poor web server’s maximum capacity is: about 70 visitors a minute.  It doesn’t sound like that much to me, but a number of times I had to ask my … Continue reading

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SciPy – the embarrassing way to code

I’ve programmed in many languages before, indeed I’ve spent at least a year working in Basic, C, C++, C#, java, assembler, modula-2, powerhouse and prolog.  One thing I’ve never done before is Matlab, well except a few basic exercises for … Continue reading

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