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Tick, tock, tick, tock…

I recently read about IBM’s Sequoia supercomputer that will be operational in 2011.  It will perform 20 Peta FLOPS and have 1.6 Peta bytes of RAM.  To put that in perspective: if it were to attempt to simulation a human … Continue reading

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Learning to predict the future

One of the things I’ve been thinking about recently is the prediction of the future.  Many people really enjoy doing this and come up with all sorts of wild speculations.  It’s kind of like having the liberty to write your … Continue reading

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Give me presents!

Today is my birthday and as such I’ve decided to demand presents!  Lots of presents!  Gimme gimme gimme! Now, I don’t have much use for material things, so they don’t interest me.  (Ok, so a life long stipend to allow … Continue reading

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An imitation test for moral capacity

Yudkowsky has been posting a lot on Overcoming Bias recently about his theory of metaethics.  Today he posted a summary of sorts.  Essentially he seems to be saying that morality is a big complex function computed by our brain that … Continue reading

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LaTeX and

So you’ve finished writing your thesis, your magnum opus. Next step, get it printed as a book for the world to admire. Of course, being the misunderstood genius that you are, no professional publisher will want to touch your great … Continue reading

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Kolmogorov, Solomonoff, AIXI etc. questions

Many people seem to have questions about Kolmogorov complexity, Solomonoff induction, algorithmic probability theory, AIXI, the universal intelligence measure and so on.  I don’t always have time to watch all the email lists where these things get discussed, but if … Continue reading

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SIAI Canada Academic Prize for 2008

This morning I received the wonderful news that I’ve won the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence – Canada Academic Prize for 2008! The award is in “recognition of [my] efforts to improve AI theory” and is worth CAD $10,000.  This … Continue reading

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Roadrunner reaches a Petaflop

According to this article the Roadrunner supercomputer has now reached a Petaflop.  Although it doesn’t sound like an official benchmark result yet, given that the International Supercomputing Conference starts in a week I guess the timing of the article is … Continue reading

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SciPy – some more thoughts

With over 20,000 visitors in 2 days I discovered what my poor web server’s maximum capacity is: about 70 visitors a minute.  It doesn’t sound like that much to me, but a number of times I had to ask my … Continue reading

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SciPy – the embarrassing way to code

I’ve programmed in many languages before, indeed I’ve spent at least a year working in Basic, C, C++, C#, java, assembler, modula-2, powerhouse and prolog.  One thing I’ve never done before is Matlab, well except a few basic exercises for … Continue reading

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